Lymphatic Treatment

Lymphatic Treatment


60min 500QAR

Lymphatic drainage is a treatment performed manually. As blood flows throughout your body, blood plasma leaks into the interstitium, which is the space between cells. This thin, yellowish interstitial fluid is called lymph. It is a multicomponent mixture of water, nutrients and proteins, lymphocytes, and all the substances your cells produce and excrete. As your muscles contract, lymph is squeezed into lymphatic capillaries and then into larger lymphatic vessels. These drain into lymph nodes all over your body. The largest nodes are in the neck, groin, and armpits.


Stimulates blood circulation and tissue regeneration

Promotes faster removal of excess interstitial fluid

Reduces swelling and water retention

Improves immune system by removing toxins formed in the body

Minimizes the appearance of cellulite

Assists with weight loss

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