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Our Mission


At Sequences Wellness Centre we bring together and share sequences to improve lifestyle and daily physical performance. We strongly believe in world where you can feel better. Our services and products address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being to help you feel your best. Our team integrates movement therapy and modern clinical interventions to deliver whole-person care.

The Owner, The Founder,

The Wellness Explorer & Leader

Aisha Ibrahim AlKhaldi, comes from a diverse background-half Qatari half Nicaraguan and formally a Chief Marketing Officer in real estate and development sector. Aisha has been teaching and healing people through yoga since 2010. Opening Sequences Wellness Centre is making her dream a reality by providing a space to the community that focuses on solely on one’s well-being in a holistic approach. She believes in growing gracefully, bringing the mind to ease keeps away the body’s “dis-ease”. Certified Yoga instructor, Kids Yoga instructor, Zumba instructor, Fitness instructor, Personal trainer and Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner (Level 2).

Our Status in Numbers

Total Users

We have a strong sense of community and are currently attracting more and more clients everyday since we opened. Invest in your wellbeing and join our urban sanctuary.


Years of Experience

Welcoming clients of all ages & nationalities since June 1st 2023. Proud to be a family oriented holistic safe space to nurture and unwind the overworked individuals.



A hidden Gem in the middle of Lusail, Sequences Wellness is the first of its kind. A place where you can treat, strengthen, condition or just hang out! We are growing, We are unstoppable.


Care Team

We are blessed to have a caring and seasoned team to help you make wellness a part of your daily routine. We are building a community of like-minded mature individuals who care about their wellness.

Creating Your Wellness Sequence



At Sequences Wellness we are hands on with each client, providing regular guidance to keep clients motivated to invest in their self-care. Holding a holistic safe space for the community to build body and health awareness. Empowering you to make wellness part of your every day.

We are offering something different in order to achieve different results. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. We are here to guide you to create a personalized wellness Sequence at every stage of your life to support any issues your body is experiencing at the time. Our team of wellness experts are ready to care for you every step of the way. Growing Gracefully Together!

Welcoming you in our lovely serene centre in the heart of Lusail, your first experience to create a wellness Sequence will be:

Greeted by Aisha I. Al Khaldi to explain how we create your wellness journey

First body assessment by a qualified physiotherapist

Depending on your results we navigate you through our packages with full attention and care

You take charge of your wellness journey!


Massage Therapy

Movement Therapy

Community Wellness Experiences

Welcoming & Caring

Socially Responsible

Efficient & Updated

Hand in hand  guidance with each individual

Begin your journey by showing up and committing to your body, you have the power to make a change in your overall wellbeing.

Explore Our Popular Services


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